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Why Good Lawyers Matter First edition

David L. Blaikie, Honourable Thomas Cromwell and Darrel Pink (editors)

Publisher: Irwin Law Inc.
214 pages
ISBN: 978-1-55221-224-0
Format: Nu-book (PDF)

Lawyers occupy a unique place in society. They are loved by some, distrusted or hated by others. More often than not, our perception of lawyers is shaped by the way the profession is portrayed in popular literature, on television, and in film. Many people think that lawyers only serve to help the wealthy, while others view them either as protectors of the innocent or as amoral defenders of the guilty. But do we really know the many roles that lawyers may play, the aims and goals of the profession, and whether lawyers meet those goals?

Why Good Lawyers Matter endeavours to provide an accessible look at lawyers in modern society. With contributions by leading commentators, this informative, thought-provoking collection contends with the questions of what is a lawyer, and what role lawyers do—and should—play in society.

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